Rencore Farm Scanner Check list

This article will provide a checklist that should be used prior to running the Farm Scanner.

The Rencore Farm Scanner scans a Microsoft SharePoint farm and extracts customizations and configuration information which is further used later in the analysis. The scan does not scan the content of documents.

  • Run the scan as a farm admin and on a web front of the SharePoint farm.
    • The user needs to be a Farm account with full read access (able to log onto the machine, config database, content database, and access to web applications) such as a crawl account. 
    • The scanner queries the SharePoint content databases and uses the SharePoint server-side object model to gather information. To permit this, the scan needs to be executed on a machine that is part of the farm. Ideally one of the web front-end machines. If there are multiple front end machines and have load balancing, then remove one and use this. Alternatively, if it is a large farm with complex search crawl targets, then use this one.
  • Ensure there is enough disk space for the temp folder and output folder.
    • The scanner uses the default Windows Temp Folder and requires a minimum of 20gb, as such if it detects there is not enough space present the scan will not run. The analysis needs to use a local disc.
    • Depending on the size of your content database the created result file and temporary data could consist of several GB of data. Please check the available disk space before running the scan.
  • Do not close the RDP session while running the scan.
    • We recommend running the scan as a scheduled task so that now remote desktop session is needed. If you run the scan via a remote desktop session please ensure that the session is not closed during the scan, either be connectivity issues or by group policies after a defined time.
  • Do not restart the machine while running the scan.
    • The scan can take several days, depending on the size of your content databases. In case that you use automatic patching of your machines please ensure that during the scan the machine is not restarted.
    • If a scan fails for a large content database increase the timeout.
      • The scanner checks each content database one by one, with a default timeout of 90 minutes per database. If your content databases are quite large the timeout should be increased by setting parameter -DatabaseTimeout, e.g. to “240” which means 4 hours timeout.

    The Recommend Powershell call:

    Start-RencoreFarmAudit -OutputFolder C:\pathtooutputfolder -TempFolder C:\pathtolargetempfolder -ChunkSize 5 -DatabaseTimeout 240