SPCAF User: Getting Started

This article will guide you through getting started with Rencore's SPCAF Client Application.

The SharePoint Customization Analysis Framework (SPCAF) is the "de facto" tool to verify the quality, compliance & governance of customization's being deployed to your SharePoint on-premises and cloud environments. Catch errors in your SharePoint customization's throughout the entire development life-cycle before they go live.

Having had a wonderful demo from our Sales department or after subscribing to my rencore plan,  you may be thinking well what do I do? The following article is aimed at guiding you through downloading and installing SPCAF Client, applying a license and Authorizing it, Running an analysis and reading the results.

Getting SPCAF onto your System

Following the email sent from our sales team, you will be prompted to go to https://rencore.com/downloads/ to download SPCAF. If you subscribed through https://my.rencore.com/plans you can click on the download link.

 Once the installer has downloaded, follow the details in the following article to install the application:

Once you have SPCAF installed on your system you will need to either sign in with your subscription as detailed in the following article;

The following article will explain how to sign in with your subscription:

Now you have applied your license, in order to remove all Trial Headers from your reports and fully unleash the power of SPCAF you will need to activate your license.

Note: A Subscription plan does not need to apply a license nor activate it. 

The following article will detail how to activate the license key(s):

Using SPCAF to analyze your projects

Now that SPCAF is completely installed and license applied and activated, it is time to use its powerful analysis. The following article will explain how to analyze using SPCAF.

Once the analysis is complete you will have the summary screen which summarizes the results analyzed. You can then view the results in more details. The following article will explain the sections of the report.

Customizing SPCAF

Now that you know how to run reports and what they mean you create your custom ruleset's to analysis the files you wish and create exclusions for the report, suppress Violations on the report and customizing the report, the following articles will guide you through doing this.