SPTransformator: Getting Started

This article will guide you through, getting started with Rencore's SPTransformator.

SPTransformator provides full customization discovery on your farm, detailed analysis, tailored guidance, planning assistance and automatic code transformation snippets of farm and sandboxed solutions to the Add-in model, the SharePoint Framework and beyond.

SPTransformator is a two-part tool. The first part is our inventory scanner that you will need to install on your farm so that it can scan and produce a farm inventory scanner that you can use in SPTransformator.

Before you start to get SPTransformator and the Inventory scanner onto your systems, please check the system requirements details.

Create an Inventory File

You will need to install the Inventory Scanner onto one of your Web Front End Servers. The following article will provide a link to the Inventory Scanner and detailed how to use it to produce a new inventory file:

Getting SPTransformator onto your System

Download Rencore SPTransformator from https://rencore.com/downloads/. Once the installer has downloaded, follow the details in the following article to install the application:

Once you have SPTransformator installed on your system you will need to apply the license key. The following article will explain how to apply the license:

Using SPTransformator

Now that SPTransformator is completely installed and license applied, it is time to use our powerful tool. The following article will explain how to analyze using SPTransformator.

Once the analysis is complete you will be on the Overview screen, which summarizes the results of the analysis. You will need to unlock the analysis to have access to all of the features of SPTransformator.

Now that you have unlocked your analysis. You can then view the results in more detail. The following article will explain the sections of SPTransformator.

Now that you know how to analyze SPTransformator and what the sections of SPTransformator results are, the following articles will guide you through choosing the migration for SPTransformator and how to distribute the results.


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