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System Requirements - Rencore Assessment's On-Prem

This article will explain what the requirements are for Rencore Assessment On-Prem.

Which users should run the Scan?

  • The scan is performed through a PowerShell script. The user needs to be a Farm account with full read access (able to log onto the machine, config database, content database and access to web applications) such as a crawl account.

Where to run the scan?

  • The assessment scan needs to be run on a SharePoint Server, as it is a complexed script that does a lot of heavy-duty searching, it is best to run on a machine that is not busy. Ideally one of the front-end machines. If there are multiple front end machines and have load balancing, then remove one and use this. Alternatively, if it is a large farm with complex search crawl targets, then use this one.
  • Alternatively, it is possible to set the PowerShell script to monitor the load servers. Where you can set the max load on the CPU, once hit the scan will pause and resume once the load drops below the % amount set.

What are Storage requirements?

  • The script uses the default Windows Temp Folder and requires a minimum of 20gb, as such if it detects there is not enough space present the scan will not run. The analysis needs to use a local disc.


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