What are the default checks?

Rencore Governance has been designed to get you monitoring your tenants from the get-go, as such, it comes with following default checks:

Name Description Category Severity
Long running FLows Lists flows which run longer than 180 minutes Costs High
Flows with premium license Lists flows with premium connectors or custom connectors Costs High
Flows with premium connectors To use flows that are built using premium connectors, organizations must have licenses for Costs High
Disabled Flows Lists flows with run counter larger than 10000 LifeCycleManagement High
Stopped FLows Lists flows with status Stopped LifeCycleManagement High
Inactive Teams Lists Teams without usage with a defined time range LifeCycleManagement High
Unused Sites Lists sites with last activity 90 days ago LifeCycleManagement High
Flows without runs Lists flows which never run LifeCycleManagement Medium
Teams with less than x users Lists teams with only 1 or 2 members that could be removed (the number can be configured) LifeCycleManagement Medium
Teams with private channels Lists teams with only Operation High
Teams with less than 2 owners It is recommended to have at least 2 owners for a Team defined (the number can be configured) Operation High
Teams with more than 50 users Helps to track large Teams (the number can be configured) Operation High
Teams without owner/disabled owners Teams must have owners Operation High
Classic sites To ensure modernization of SharePoint sites this check lists all classic sites Operation High
Teams that do not match custom naming convention Checks that the name of a Team meets the naming convention Operation Low
Development Features enabled in site Detects if development feature is activated in a site collection Security High

Note: Category and severity are default values but can be adjusted to match your organization's profile.