What automation systems are available?

Rencore Governance comes with a fast selection of automation systems so you can share results or be notified automatically when violations occur. Below is a list of the automation systems available:

Email Send an email when events occur in your environment.
PowerAutomate Connect the Rencore connector for PowerAutomate to the Rencore API.
Azure Function Triggers an Azure Function.
Azure Logic App Triggers an Azure Logic App.
Teams Send notifications to Teams.
WebHook Send a message to a webhook when events occur in your environment
Zapier Connect Zapier connector to Rencore Governance API to start zaps (Coming soon).
Slack Send a notification to Slack (Coming soon).
IFTTT Connect IFTTT connector to Rencore Governance API to start processes (Coming soon).
Workato Send a notification to Workato (Coming soon).

If you do not see a system that you would like to use in the list above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on uservoice.