What is the difference between the SPCAF/Rencore Code Licenses?

This article explains what is available with each license type.

Both Starter and Professional Licenses are designed for analyzing code during code development and after it has been built. The Build License will automatically check code during the build process.

Starter License

This license focuses on code quality analysis via the Client application or integrated into Visual Studios:

  • > 1100 rules & metrics
  • Detailed Code Analysis
  • Shows decompiled code
  • Shows line in code of violation
  • Custom rules (SDK)
  • Custom rulesets

Professional License

Apart from Code Quality (as the Starter License does), this license also allows you to check the solution architecture, document solutions, and assess and track project quality.

As with the Starter License, it can be used with the client application or integrated into Visual Studio. Includes everything in Starter plus:

  • Code Metrics
  • Dependency Analysis
  • Solution Inventory
  • Project Quality Tracking
  • Export & Share Reports in HTML, Word, PDF, XML
  • Custom report branding

Build License

This license is designed to integrate code analysis into your DevSecOps process, build quality gates, and prevent smelly code from hitting production.

The Build License provides the same analysis reports as the Professional License, but runs centrally in:

  • AzureDevOps
  • Team Foundation Server
  • TeamCity
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Jenkins
  • AvePoint DocAve
  • LeapALM
  • PowerShell

Why not create a custom Enterprise License package for your internal and external development and admin team by combining different license types? Please contact our Sales Team for more information.