What Permissions are required for Automations

This article shows permissions required for the different automations in Rencore Governance

Rencore Governance comes with a multitude of different automations that can be linked to checks. Below is a list of the permissions required for each automation.



Permission Required

Send message to a Teams Channel - None required
Send Email - None required
Trigger Azure Function - None required
Send HTTP Request - None required
Archive or Unarchive a Team Graph TeamSettings.ReadWrite.All
Copy File to Azure Blob Storage SharePoint SharePoint.Site.Read.All
Create a link to a document in SharePoint SharePoint SharePoint.Site.ReadWrite.All
Copy Document/ListItem Metadata SharePoint SharePoint.Site.ReadWrite.All
Move SharePoint File to recycle bin SharePoint SharePoint.Site.ReadWrite.All
Update Group property Graph Group.ReadWrite.All
Enable or disable a user account Graph User.ReadWrite.All
Set group visibility Graph Group.ReadWrite.All
Delete SharePoint file versions Graph SharePoint.Site.ReadWrite.All (Application)
SharePoint SharePoint.Site.ReadWrite.All (Application)
Add or remove a user from a group Graph Group.ReadWrite.All (Application)
Add or remove a user from a SharePoint Group Graph Group.ReadWrite.All (Application)