What Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected and stored by Rencore Governance?

This article explains what Personally identifiable Information is collected and stored by Rencore Governance.

We store usernames and e-mail addresses, URLs, titles, and other metadata of the collected data like Site Collections, Sites, Lists, Teams, etc (for more information regarding GDPR click here). The collected customer data can be removed at any time by removing the encrypted storage tables belonging to the customer. All PII information is also encrypted and are categorized by:


What personally identifiable information (PII) is collected and stored by Rencore Governance?

  • Most of the data scanned by Rencore Governance is user data and therefore can be identified as personally identifiable information
  • All entity data scanned and stored is encrypted (see Rencore Governance Security Overview)
  • Furthermore, in the logs, User data such as User Ids and User Login names and URLs are stored
    • The logs are encrypted using built-in Azure encryption
  • On GDPR demand all of this data can be purged (including backups).
  • In case any data should not be scanned it is possible to enable/disable specific services (e.g. Azure AD Auditing)
  • Rencore Governance only scans metadata (e.g. filename) is scanned not actual content (e.g. file content, message content…)

Sensitive PII

  • Only metadata is scanned not content
    • If filenames contain data such as social security numbers, names, or emails this data will be added to Rencore Governance as well.

The following data is currently available for users in Rencore Governance and directly is connected to identify users:

Microsoft 365

  • Users
  • Groups
    • Owners
    • Members
  • Licenses
    • Assigned Users
  • Apps
    • Assigned Users


  • SharePoint Site Owners
  • SharePoint File Sharing
    • Created by
    • Modified by
    • Invited User


  • Team
    • Owner
    • Group owners and members => See groups

Power Automate Flow

  • Creator


  • Canvas App
    • Created By
    • Owner
    • Modified by
    • Last published by


  • OneDrive
    • Owner
  • OneDrive File Sharing
    • Created by
    • Modified by
    • Invited User

Azure AD

  • Directory Audit
    • All Properties
  • Azure AD SignIns
    • All Properties

Note: Customers can request our support team to have all their data deleted.