Whats the difference between the Free and Full reports in SPTransformator

This article explains the difference between the Free and Full reports produced from SPTransformator's analysis.

Once you've performed an Analysis in SPTransformator you are presented with a Free Report which can be unlocked to the Analysis results using credits. So what is the difference between the free report and the Analysis Results?

Free SharePoint Transformator Assessment Report

First and foremost The the "Free SharePoint Transformator Assessment Report" is a static report. The Free Summary can be used as a starting point to evaluate the complexity of the transformation.

If you do SharePoint development inside your company: use this document to plan the transformation process with your development team. Use the following dependency information to split connected WSPs into groups and plan the transformation projects based on these groups.

If you are working with external SharePoint consulting companies: use this document for a Request for proposal (RFP) to start the transformation together with your consulting partner. Let your partners estimate the effort for the transformation based on the following information.

The report is broken down into the following sections:

  • Discovery Summary
    • Analysis Settings
    • Analyzed Solutions
    • Dependency Graph
  • Discovered Artifacts
    • Transformability per Artifact Type
    • Document Management
    • Solutions
  • Discovered Full Trust API Calls
    • Transformability per Assembly
    • Unmappable Full Trust Calls (Top 30)
    • External Dependencies

SharePoint Transformator Analysis Results

First and foremost the "Analysis Results" is interactive, and responds with further user intervention. The SharePoint Transformator by Rencore can provide detailed guidance for your transformation process. The full transformation analysis for your WSP solutions will provide a comprehensive report with information to readiness, planning the transformation and you get transformed code of your existing artifacts.

The Analysis is broken down into the following sections which include the steps towards the transformation of the solution:

  • Assess
    • Effort and Complexity
    • Code and Structure
  • Plan & Track
  • Transform


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