Which types of customization's can be analyzed?

This article lists the different types of customization's that can be analyzed by SPCAF

The SPCAF standalone application accepts:

  • Full Trust Code Solutions (.wsp).
  • Sandboxed Solutions (.wsp).
  • SharePoint Apps.
  • Office Apps.
  • SSOM/CSOM Assemblies (.dll).
  • Executables (.exe).
  • Web Applications (.master, .aspx ,and .html).
  • SharePoint Framework solutions (.sppkg)
  • AngularJS applications (folder with the application).
  • PowerShell (.ps1, .psd1, and .ps1mxl).

We also Analyse .zip files and folders which can contain any of the above.

The source code is not required for the analysis.

All file types that can be loaded in SPCAF (.sppkg, .zip, .wsp, .app, .aspx, .asp, .html, .htm, .master, .ascx, .ps1, .psd1, .psm1, .ps1xml, .dll, .exe, .pdb, .css, .js).