Why are reports still showing Free header after activation/licensing SPCAF

This article will explain why the Free header is showing, even after activating the license.

If you have recently purchased a license for SPCAF or recently activated your license and are still getting the "Free Header" (see below) when viewing a report. There are a couple of things to check:

Check SPCAF Status of Activation

To confirm whether or your license is activated, open SPCAF and look at the gray footer for "(Not activated)".

If the Footer shows this then please follow the instructions on the KB: How to Activate SPCAF License. Alternatively, on version and above it is highlighted on the first screen.

Refresh the report

If the footer does not show "(Not activated)", then you will need to process the analysis again to get a fresh report. Previously (pre-license/activation) generated reports will remain with the "Free Header".