Why do I get more errors in gulp without a valid SPCAF license

This article will explain why there are more errors in gulp when not using a valid SPCAF License.

Although it is possible to utilize SPCAF in gulp without a valid license, you will find that you will get more errors, compared to running SPCAF with a license.

The reason for this is when SPCAF is used without a valid license it uses a default ruleset, which does not have the configuration of the SPFx ruleset, which is used with a licensed copy of SPCAF. The increased number of warnings/errors (including auto-generated ones) could make it harder to correctly identify a true issue. So although the processes are being used the results will differ greatly.

Another benefit from running a licensed copy of SPCAF in gulp is that it will identify what the errors are.

For example, below is a sample of code being run without a valid SPCAF license, as you can see there is 19 notification including 1 critical warning and 1 critical error. Unlicensed SPCAF results in gulp

Below is the same code as above being run with a valid SPCAF license. There is now only 3 notifications, As well the errors being identified.Licensed SPCAF results in gulp

You can purchase a License for SPCAF by contacting us via the following link: https://rencore.com/contact/#quote.