Why does SPCAF Need Re-Activating, if my license has not changed?

Either SPCAF cannot communicate with our Activation Server and has Timed-out, or Hardware has changed.

If SPCAF is on a machine that has full access, when logging into SPCAF it will periodically communicate with our activation servers to confirm there are no updates on the current license being used. This should rarely ever cause a problem unless there is a major hardware change (see below). However, if the machine with SPCAF is offline then you will periodically need to reactivate the license, as shown below.

Unable to communicate with our Activation server and has Timed-out

SPCAF periodically (within 90 days) attempts to communicate with our activation server. If the machine is online and can communicate with our server it will reset this counter. However, if the machine is not online or cannot communicate with our activation server when the counter reaches zero the license key will become deactivated. At this point, you would then need to reactivate your license key.

Hardware changes

Your activation code is unique per machine and License key. A unique code is created based on many factors on the build of your machine so if one of these factors change so will the unique code causing the license key to become deactivated. If SPCAF is installed on a Virtual Machine and this is moved to another host the Hardware Id can change resulting in SPCAF becoming deactivated.