Why does the SPCAF report show exceptions for FxCop, FxCop Metrics, CAT.net or SPDisposeCheck?

This article will explain why exception may occur for FxCop, FxCop Metrics, CAT.net or SPDisposeCheck.

The 3rd-Party analysis tools FXCop, FXCop Metrics, Cat.Net, and SPDisposeCheck have not installed automatically with SPCAF, as redistribution of them is prohibited by their respective owners.

To find out what the additional analyzers are and how to retrieve and install them, please have a look at the corresponding articles in our knowledge base.

If they are installed in one of the default locations (specified in the exception output) on the build server, SPCAF will integrate them automatically in the analysis and provide the results in the reports.

As SPSDisposeCheck is built with an older .NET framework it is only working for SharePoint 2010 projects.

To also support SharePoint 2013, SPCAF includes all memory disposal rules directly from release 4.1. Hence SPDisposeCheck is no longer required and can be disabled.

If you are not interested in the additional non-SharePoint specific analysis tools mentioned above, you can disable them in the ruleset with the SPCAF Settings Editor and remove the exceptions.

The purpose of the exception is to notify you immediately in case you expected the analyzers to run, but it couldn't be found.

Otherwise, you would just falsely assume that there are no warnings.